How to edit template of blog posts (Pro)

Hi there,

I am using Pro. On static pages (non blog post pages) I can choose a page template (Layout, Container). On posts I cannot customize anything (except via Theme options > Blog).

For example, in Theme options > Blog I can choose “Fullwidth” but blog posts still have some page margins. On static pages I would choose Layout - Fullwidth and wouldn’t have any margins.

I am having a hard time adapting the layout of blog pages to static pages. How can I have the same page template options on blog pages?

Thanks and regards, Lennart

Hello @lennartwittmann,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Can you please share website URL for us to take a closer look?



as soon as I posted this comment I discovered that I needed to set the max. site width to 1600 px (in Layout & Design) to avoid margins on high resolution screens.

Could you confirm that all changes to the blog structure should be made in the child theme by copying the framework > views > CURRENT_STACK to the child theme and changing files within this folder, e. g. content.php etc. Designwise I would add code to Global CSS or child themes CSS?

As I understood there are no page templates for blogs (every blog post has the same page layout) and changes to the layout are being made in framework > views > CURRENT_STACK (on Pro)?

Sorry for sounding a bit confused but I am still new to this and have already spent some time searching in this forum for answers. And setting up the blog structure still gives me some headaches.

Thanks and best regards, Lennart

Hey Lennart,

Page templates in WordPress are only available for the page post type. For single posts and other post types, you will need to do some customization in the child theme which regretfully is outside the scope of our support. We do have some guidance though. Please see the Customizations section in our Knowledge Base.

Thank you for understanding.

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