How to edit Menu drop down

how to edit Menu drop down To look cool and not so default setting and generic ?

pic 1 my staging site

Pic 2 from a site i saw online Its a little better not much, how can I do this look and more

Hi Rotation,

I checked your licenses page and found out that you all have x themes. The X theme does not have many options when it comes to drop-down menu items and you will need to use CC code and add the customization to X > Theme Options > CSS to have a look and feel you like.

I suggest that you check the tutorial below to understand more about the CSS code:

Thank you.

So your saying It has 0 options or not many? where are the options ? do I need a different type of product to edit the drop down menu? Your telling me that i can make a drop down but its going to take custom code to make it look cool? you make it seem like im not in a support forum for the theme I bought, You just reply with a video about how to learn css? what is that? tell me this whats the difference between x and pro? does pro have options to edit the drop down menu or do I need find a whole new theme that has support that actually will tell me how to edit the menu in the theme.

Hi @rotation,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Let me rephrase my answer and give more detailed information:

Talking about X theme:

There is no option to make your drop-down menu look cool as you put it. You will need to custom code the look yourself with CSS, this will be considered as a customization request which is outside of our support scope.

The only option that X has regarding the menu can be found in X > Theme Options > Header:

Talking about Pro:

The Pro theme has a separate header builder with elements such as Navigation Inline to be able to fine-tune the menu and position of the links and different aspects.

For example, the screenshot below is the options available for the Dropdown section of the Navigation inline element in the Pro header builder:

For more information, I suggest that you read this and this article.

You can convert from X to Pro. Here is the article about that.

Warning: The Pro theme does not have the Demo Import functionality of the X.
Warning: The Pro theme has a steep learning curve and you need to make sure that you will give enough time learning the ins and outs.

If you are not interested in the Pro conversion you will need to hire a developer to have the drop-down menu turn into the look you want.

Thank you for your understanding.

Much more clear now i understand thanks for explaining.

Glad we could help.


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