How to edit home page

I’ve spent over an hour trying to edit my home page. On the theme it says
“This is your front page. Click the ‘edit’ link to change the contents”
Please tell me where the edit link is…
Do you have any general tutorials on how to use the theme please? There doesn’t seem to be any general ones on how to get started and I’m going around in circles.
Many thanks


Try this. It’s quite easy after a while:

Thanks but just been through them and there’s nothing to say how to edit a home page. I’m obviously missing something very simple but it’s driving me crazy!

Hi Julie,

It depends, if you have set your home page to display latest posts.

Then you can edit the layout in Appearance > Customize > Blog

But if you have set one of your page to be you front page, you can edit it under Pages.

Find the page you set as front page and you may edit it cornerstone.

Hope that helps