How to edit content?

Hello, Pro team.

I would like to better understand how the Pro “Content” section works. I created every page of my website in the WP dashboard. Now I went to edit the page created in this “Content” section of Pro, but instead of appearing the page content I created, nothing appears. I only have the option to create a new page.

This is the page I created in the WordPress dashboard:

When I click “edit”, the content I created does not appear:

Do I only have to create my site pages in the Pro dashboard to edit page content?


Hi Aline,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The pages created outside of content builder / cornerstone are not editable in content builder / cornerstone and vice versa, if you do that the old content will be lost and replaced by content builder’s content. You now need to re-create those pages in content builder.

To learn more about content builder / cornerstone please see:

Hope this helps!

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