How to Edit Blog Category Templates to show different text

I use Pro and I want to edit the theme template so that I can have different custom text on the top of each of my blog category pages. I found this link with instructions to do so

Where do I find the category-slug.php file to edit in the Template Hierarchy? Going to Go to Appearance » Editor doesn’t work with Pro.

The above link says I should add this code:

<?php if (is_category('Category A')) : ?>

This is the text to describe category A

<?php elseif (is_category('Category B')) : ?>

This is the text to describe category B

<?php else : ?>

This is some generic text to describe all other category pages, I could be left blank

<?php endif; ?>

My blog is currently:

Hi Donna,

Thanks for writing in! Custom development is outside the scope of our support, however you can get an idea by following this thread (

Also you can read about our planned layout builder here ( on our status report.


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