How to disable the mobile view? THank you!

Hi thank you so much again !

Would it be possible to disable the mobile view of the website?

Usually, i can delete one sentence in the header’s php.

But i could not find it in the x THEME

Thank you!

Hello Tianze,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Please be advised that most of the responsive styling were hardcoded into the theme’s stack stylesheet. You cannot just simply remove one line and we do not remove it because it may lead to other layout issues.

Hope this helps.

Hi i just want to simply disable the mobile view, thank you!!

Please let me know where can i find real header.php file? Thanks!

Hi Tianze,

It is not possible to simply disable the mobile version. Most of the responsive parts of the website are hardcoded in different assets and files of the theme. You can not disable the mobile view. This theme is responsive.

Thank you.

Hi Tianze,

Please kindly describe in more details what do you want to do with that? The X Theme is not coded with the traditional way as it has four different stacks, it has four different header functionality.

If you want to add something into the <head> tag of the code you can use the wp_head action in your Child Theme. Please click here to find out more about the Child Theme, and here on how to add the wp_head action into the functions.php file of the Child Theme.

I’d suggest that you bookmark this page which is the list of all documentation of the theme.

Thank you.

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