How to customize a header with menus and page title

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am so used to editing templates myself and controlling the look and feel in PHP files. Where do I begin if I want to understand how Headers work? I see them in Cornerstone, but the options there don’t lead me to understand how to control some of the interactions. For example. The theme I’m using, App, places the current page name right over the logo(!) Where do I even start! I’m having a hard time guessing where the variables would be coded in a theme to make this happen.

Thank you!

[edit] I have changed to a new header template, so this issue is not happening on my test site anymore. But, would love to learn how to manage these in the future.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for reaching out to us. In X if you go to X > Theme Options > Header there you can find all the options to customize the header (see screenshot below) but if you need to the changes beyond that then regretfully we cannot support any modifications to the header other than minor cosmetic changes due to the fact that X is a highly dynamic theme with many elements being constructed on the fly based on options in the Customizer. Among these, the header is one of the more complex elements of the theme and structural modifications to it will likely lead to numerous layout problems as there are a lot of things to take into consideration because of X’s responsive nature. Taking all of this into consideration, these types of updates are out of the scope of our support as their involvement is simply too great. Additionally, we will not be able to support any issues that might arise from modifications made to this area on your own.

However if you want more complex changes in header or you want to build a custom header then I’d suggest you to upgrade to Pro, as Pro has header and footer builders which gives you the ability to create your own headers and footers and assign them to different pages of your website. You can control the layout and how different elements which creates the content of the header or footer are positioned. For more details please see

Also see

Thank you for your understanding.

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