How to create this type of header?

Hello. I am interested in purchasing Pro because, correct me if I’m wrong, you can only create custom headers in Pro. Is this mockup something possible to do in pro? I would want the header to be a parallax scroll with a one page menu.

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Absolutely, using Pro header builder you can create header similar to the screenshot shared. I am sharing resource that you can refer to get yourself with Pro header builder.


Thanks! And how do I update from X to Pro? I followed this article but I do not see Pro under “themes”.

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If you purchased X before PRO you are entitled to a free update.

Otherwise, you will need to pay the price difference.

Please check

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I did purchase X before Pro but I did not see a free update. It charged me $20. Will I be able to get the money back? Or do you mean before Pro came out? I did not purchase before Pro was released.

But my question is since I purchased Pro how do I change from X to Pro on my wordpress site? I go under themes and I do not see it.

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We mean before Pro came out.

Since your license is for PRO now, go to your Dashboard > Under Your Producst and download PRO theme. Install it like any other normal theme. See this guide: X and Pro are two different themes. Upgrading the license will not give us pro automatically but rather our license will work when we installed PRO. They are two different themes.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I was able to install the theme and begin my header. I am not finding many tutorials about it. I want to create a parallax header with one main image behind it and large text that scrolls across the main image. I want a bottom menu to “snap” once the user is finished scrolling - a one page menu. Could you point me in the right direction?

Specific questions:
How to center a container/image on the page. I created one with my logo and it is left justified.
How to enabled parallax scrolling of static background image and moving text.

Hey @breanndick,

Thanks for writing in! Regarding your question on resources for Pro, there are lots of in-depth videos in the Knowledge Base that cover all sorts of topics for Pro. This article goes into detail on various pieces of the builder, including background layers that you can do things like parallax with:

This one will give you lots of great information on various “tips and tricks” with Pro, including how to achieve various things with the flexbox controls that power the header and footer builders:

Once you’ve gone through those if you happen to still have any questions, we’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction. Also, you can choose some of our starter templates as a baseline to begin with that will help you to achieve certain looks. For instance our “Sticky Bars” template also gives a good example on vertically centering content, which you can then take and modify as needed.


Thank you!!!

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Hello - after playing around with the header and searching your forums I do still have some questions:

  1. I linked my menu and can click it but I cannot figure out how to change the menu font color to white. It is not appearing on my bar because it is black font on a black bar.

  2. I also want to change the menu font to Bebas Neue.

Could you provide me the CSS or the area of Pro I can edit these?

Hi There,

1 - On The Header Builder > Inline Menu > Top Links > Text you can change the color of your text.

2 - Bebas is not part of the google fonts, so it is not natively integrated with the theme.

Without custom development, you can use Oswald which is fairly similar.

To achieve that you need to set your website headings as Oswald and on

Header Builder > Inline Menu > Top Links > Text > Font Family > Headings.

Hope it helps

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Based on your last comments I am not sure if you still need help.

Please let us know, Thanks!

Sorry, I did but then I figured it out so I deleted the comments. Thank you!

You are most welcome!
We are glad that you get it done!


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