How to create menu e-shop


how to create shop menu in left side i use boxed layout and how to added widget? As shown on picture

Use X Pro theme.


Hey teem,

First, you will need to create a sidebar and assign it to your shop page. Please see the instruction at

You can then add WooCommerce widgets to that sidebar.

Hope that helps.

Thank you!

And how create dropdown menu with subcategories but click on primary category show subcategory in shop?? But I not want install other plugin.

Hi There,

You can use Navigation Collasped element in content editor /cornerstone to make similar menu.

Before that you have to create one menu using your category and sub category. If you don’t know how to create me nu using category please check this.

If you wants to add the menu to sider then you have to use global block. Please check this for help.

Hope this helps!

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