How to create a homepage like shown in demo?

Hi there,

I am not sure how to begin creating a homepage with background image as shown in this demo ( I tried creating sections in Cornerstone but that appears below header and doesn’t cover the viewport of the page. Any documentation/tips would be much appreciated.

Hi Kalpana,

Is there an reason why you do not want to import the expanded demo instead?

If you just aim to have the homepage for the bed and breakfast demo, I suggest that you setup a site locally on your computer then import the demo content from there.

Once imported, save the homepage as a template then export the template file using the Template Manager.

When you have the template file, go to the site you’re working on an import the template file on the site and use it to create a page.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I will try this.

You’re welcome, Kalpana.

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