How to change header font size in Renew theme

Hello on my site i’ve followed instructions on changing the font size by adding

h3, .h3 {
font-size: 228.5%;}

into the content css panel. however this doesn’t change anything. can you advise what i am doing wrong?

Hi @fredsnothere,

Thanks for writing in.

I could see that you code is running however the inline code of the headline covering the CSS code. You could see what I mean the image below.

Add important your code so that the code will be highly prioritize.

h3, .h3 {
   font-size: 228.5% !imporatnt;

Let us know how it goes.


Hi I tried that and it didnt work, how do i change that element style font size 86px?

Hello there,

When I checked it, it is currently 72px. Please delete the inline code first in your Customize tab in the section.

Then add this CSS code:

h3, .h3 {
   font-size: 86px !important;

Hope it helps.

Hi, no I don’t want the text to be 86px. I meant to say where can I find that element style that makes that font size 86px so i can change it to something smaller?
Either way, I am trying to make the font smaller, not bigger. can you please advise on how to make the text smaller? the first solution suggested did not work
thank you

Hello there,

You can find it through Element CSS of Customize tab.

Then change the font-size to any value of your needs. E.g. 50px.

After that, go to X > Launch > Options > CSS, and remove the CSS code below as it won’t work due to misspelled !important. Also declaring this code will overwrite the inline CSS you’ve set in Element CSS.

h3, .h3 {
   font-size: 70% !imporatnt;

Thank you.

Hi I dont have that Customize option for my element:

something is not right, when I change H3 to 95% important, the text becomes tiny:

Hello there,

Can we ask for the following login details in a secure note for us to take a closer look?

  • Wordpress admin username/password

Thank you.

Hey @fredsnothere,

It looks like the account you gave us does not have full admin and Cornerstone access.

The 86px is coming from the Responsive Text feature. This is also why CSS won’t work because the font-size is added by Javascript dynamically.

Please go to your page’s Cornerstone settings

Then, add or delete your responsive text setup.

For more details about the Responsive Text feature, please see


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