How to change blog post Lay Out

Im trying to change the layout of the blog post… not sure how or if you have a template to change the layout.

Hi Sasan,

Based on the screenshot you have provided, it seems that you are using the Recent Post element to display the posts which can display limited number of post.

What you can do is you can create a page, then go to WP Admin > Settings > Reading then set the page you have created as the static post page:

Then the page should automatically display the posts of your site just like this:

Hope this helps.

Oh Sorry, I was referring to the font size and color.

Hello Sasan,

The font size and color of your blog index gets inherited from your global theme options. Please go to X > Theme Options > Typography > Body and Content. We highly recommend that you utilize the Font Manager before assigning any font family in the typography section. Please check out this thread to get familiar with the Font Manager.

Hope this helps.

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