How to center the menu items in pro

How to center the menu items in pro. I used pro for the first time on a client project but never could figure out how to make the menu items centered with the language links to the far right. The address of the site is COuld you please help me figure out this glitch. BTW your software is outstanding. Really love it.

Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for the kind words, but your site is in under construction mode, we can not view it.

In the meantime, please set the Container’s Horizontal Flex Layout to Center, and set the Self Flex to Fill Space

Hope it helps,

No it did not help. If you want access to the site you can enter the password of : richardbureau

Please get back to me I have to fixe this issue for my client

Thank you!

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for the password, now I see how you set up the Header, please have 3 containers, put the Image, Menu, and Language selector in separate containers. Set all 3 containers Self Flex preset to Fill Space Equally

Now, place the image on the first container and set the Horizontal to Start
Place the Menu in the second container and set the Horizontal to Center
Place the Language selector in the third container and set the Horizontal to End

You can watch this video to learn how Flexbox works.

Hope it helps,

Thanks it worked fine…

You’re welcome!
We’re glad @Friech were able to help you out.

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