How to adjust height value for rows

Hello There,

Today when I create a new post, I found nowhere to adjust the height of the rows.

i chooses 4 rows layout for the element, so the row width is the same but the height are different.

So can you please advise where to control the height of the rows?

Thanks for your help.

Continued with last question, there is another similiar small question here.

If I want to make the button fill full of the column space, how can I make it?

Thanks in avdance!

Hi There,

For the column height, you can adjust it by adding an inline css in Column > Customize .
For example: height:300px;

For the button’s width. You can set it’s width to 100% in Button > Setup

Hope this helps.

Hello Friend,

Thanks for your help!

The button width 100% solved the problem while the column with same height does not solve the problem.

The column seems to be with same height but the photos are overlapping the colunm 300 px space now.

Hi there,

If you have the same height functionality it is not a simple matter of setting the height as it also needs to be fixed for responsive views. I suggest that you follow the workaround below:

If you have problems kindly get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

And the URL of the page that you try to add the same height columns.

Thank you.

Hello Dear Christopher,

Thanks for your reply!

And i have seen this answer in other 's help post before and I have tried the other day. But it does not work.

And I would prefer to solve this problem from non-code way as I am not a technician so I would meet this problem often in the coming days when we try to post new blog.

So now I tried to change the size of photos to be the same , in theory , it should be the same height now. And it works. So I will handle this in this way .

Thanks for the attention.


You are most welcome!

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