How to add margins to page while content is still at 100%?

I want my page to actually be “full page” and display backgrounds set in sections from end to end of the browser/screen, when I set my page to 100% width then in my header the logo and inline navigation are pushed to the very far edges of the screen. I have tried adding padding/margins to the row (as well as other settings in there that had no visual effect when changing them), the content box and the individual items (nav bar object and the logo image) however none of the settings I apply to the header will work, I also tried adding these margins/paddings in the header builder and could not get it to work. Can someone please help me?

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Could you please provide us with the URL to your referenced page? so that we can inspect the page elements and assist you accordingly.


yes definitely, the website is

Hi Leslie,

I understand what you are looking for. Luckily you are using the Pro theme, so you have a complete control over your header and footer.

I suggest that you keep your website full-width as you’d mentioned with the 100% value. Then go to your header builder and add a maximum width for the bar or container as you have a separate option for them:

If you need more tips and tricks regarding the header builder I suggest that you check this and this article.

Now, the actual contents of the page in the builder is whole other ball game. You can add the background to the section, but if you want to limit the maximum width of the section you better use an inline CSS inside the row of that section. So you will need to go to the row options of that section:

And add max-width: 1000px for example, to the inline CSS option:

This will guarantee that you have a full-width section with the background, and the limited width contained row which the actual content of the section will reside:

I suggest that you check the Cornerstone / Content Builder section of our Knowledgebase for more tips and tricks regarding the sections rows and columns, especially this article.

Thank you.

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