How to add live instagram grid to a page

How to add live instagram grid to a page?

Hey @SK_Parfait,

You can use Essential Grid for that. Here’s a sample.

It’s also possible using The Grid plugin. Please see the social media demos here.

Both plugins are bundled in X. Details regarding our bundled plugins is available in our Knowledge Base.


Hi there,

We do not have any built-in functionality on the theme to show an Instagram Grid. But you can install the Essential Grid plugin from X > Overview and then use that plugin to add the Instagram Grid.

For more information on Essential Grid:

For more information on how to setup Instagram Feed on Essential Grid:

Thank you.

Thank you, I created the grid but it is not syncing with my username.

Hi There,

Please watch the tutorial and set your grid again as it is fairly straightforward process, if you still dont manage to get it work after that please provide your login credentials in a secure note.


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