How Might a Non-Developer Update One of the Site's Pages Non-technically?

Is there a way in X Theme for web designers to let their customers keep their new websites up to date in a non technical way without exclusively using WordPress’ blog? That’s to say, if a customer needed to add daily content to one of their site’s pages that wasn’t the blog page, how would they go about doing so? Is this possible in X Theme or is there a plugin that works well with X Theme I should know about that would help to do this?

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Thank you for writing in, X|Theme has a bundle Cornerstone. Cornerstone is our very own Content builder.

You can learn more about Cornerstone here (see Cornerstone / Content Builder section)

If Cornerstone was not installed on your site, please navigate to X > Overview and X will automatically install the Cornerstone for you, then navigate to Plugins panel to activate it if it’s not activated already.



@friech explained really easy what to do, he also included a link to learn more about Cornerstone.
Why are you so conflicting, saying that

You do not have to explain anything. X theme support staff already did it for you and everybody

By the way, every website in a browser use HTML. If anybody is going to work with websites, well, has to deal with HTML.
If there any way to deal without musical notes if I want to play music?

I am sure @friech answered very well the question of @jeremy4 .

Thank you X Team.

I personally love using Cornerstone. It’s very nicely designed and leaves for a ton of options and creativity. But I think what @joblette is saying is that for a web developer’s customers there must be way to make even less technical updates, should those expect to be a) frequent and b) similar in nature.

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Thank you @jeremy4. I removed my comments because I realized it was maybe not the right place to put them but it is exactly that :slight_smile:

When I sell a website to a small customer telling him:" it will be very easy for you to change your promotion message on the front page", I don’t think that showing him the html on the off-canevas element in the second row of the third column will convince him…

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On the next updates of the theme will be a very simplified version of the builder available for the non tech users exactly for this reason :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!


@joblette Yes exactly :grinning: This is the same dilemma I’ve run into.

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Wonderful! Thank you so much @Joao I’m looking forward to seeing it. Keep up the amazing work!

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My colleague mentioned about the simplified version but in my opinion, at last, it will not be that much easy as I see you expect to have a simple place to only add TEXT.

But if you used the Off Canvas and added the HTML code there, unfortunately, that will be a dead end for your client as there will be no way to simplify that even with the upcoming update.

The one step we took regarding ease of use is the Template Manager and GLobal Blocks. But I still am not convinced that will make completely nontechnical guys work easier.

If you want to have more complex stuff easier you will need to use ACF Pro.

The idea is that you add the proper elements which will be easy in the admin for example to change the promotion message. Then you need to code that to the front end of the website. You can use shortcodes of the ACF Pro to add to the Off Canvas:

That way you can have the complex HTML in the Off Canvas and only have the text part feeding on ACF Pro which as a simple place for your customer.

The plugin is bundled with the theme but it has a steep learning curve. Luckily they have a great documentation.

Thank you.


Thanks @christopher.amirian. For my current needs, a simple plugin like “insert page” allowing to insert the content of a page or post with standard formatting via a shortcode works well, But I can see some cases where ACF PRO can be good.

Glad to hear we manage to help!


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