How does X theme actually add cornerstone content to pages

Maybe my question isn’t clear, but how does cornerstone content get added to the page. Is it appended to the end of the page, added in a specific location where a function is called in the template file? Is there a WordPress function I can call within any given template file?

Basically where I’m at is I am trying to utilize x theme and cornerstone but for some pages I find it better and easier to just create a custom template myself with bootstrap or custom css, then tie it into wordpress with custom post types and custom fields. I want to know if I can then add an area into the template, say a

tag at the top of the page, and then call a function in the template php file which will make this area a ‘cornerstone area’ where I can add elements and stuff on the fly on the front end rather than the back. Is this possible?

Hi @cg15255,

Thanks for writing in.

Little confuse of what you want to achieve. I could see that you want to create template to be added in your content pages.

You might want to check the link below for more details about template manager:

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


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