How do you control the left right position of Header Elements Pro

How do you control the left right position of Header Elements Pro’s header editor? Are there support documents on the interface?

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To better understand how you can layout the custom header, please check this out:

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I watched the whole video and learned a lot. Thanks. I solved my first problem, which was simply a matter of changing “line-height” in the headline specifications. But perhaps you could answer a best-practices question. The four “items” in this “bar” are all sitting inside one “container.” Should they each be in their own containers: one for Image, one for Headline and one for the two Navigation elements?
You may reply “it depends…” but I sure would appreciate some guidance. This header capability is great but there are so many things to figure out. Thanks.


Yes it depends, for three element if they are just going to be inline then you can add it all in just one container.
But sometimes if you have three columns and would like elements on the third columns to display stacked instead of inline. Then that is the time you need to add each group of elements in a container. That way you will be able to control the alignments of your group of elements.

You will be able to decide easily if you know the concept of flex layout. Please refer to the link below for your guide.

Hope that helps

That does indeed helps. It was helpful that you said that a simple array of elements could logically abide in one container. If one’s needs become more complex, then one can use more containers to invoke more variant flex behaviors for that element or elements.

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