How do i fix these changes

i am using navigation inline in the footer to make the text clickable but i need to recolor and make the first text in the menu bigger.

This is a picture of what i need to change

How do i fix this?

i am using X PRO, footer customize

Hello Hans,

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Thank you.

i added a Secure note in the first post in this thread which is above your post

Hello Hans,

The flex layout of the container should be as “Column”.

And then insert a headline element and navigation inline element. For the headline element, do not add anything just plain text. You can style the headline like font family and color by using the headline settings.

Please check out my modifications to your footer.

How do i fix these things?

Hello Hans,

You can position the contents of the container by changing the vertical and horizontal settings of the flex layout.

You do not need the global block or any gap element. Again, since you are using a headline element, please only insert a plain text. Do not place <h4><span> tags in the headline element. Please check the other headline as an example.

To better understand about using flex box and it’s settings, please check this out:

Thank you

there is two more change i need to do and the first one is to fix this for the Pc version:

And the second is to make the footer laptop, ipad, mobile friendly:





Hi Hans,

For the first question, I suggest that you go to each container, and in the settings of that container you will have an option to set the maximum container width:

Set a value there to force the containers to maintain the width and do not go beyond that. The other point is that I suggest that you learn more about the Flex display. You can force the containers to spread equally using flex and do not have that inconsistency. Please kindly take time and read the details here.

If you manage to fix the spacing with proper Flex options, the smaller screens will be manageable much better. But in general if you want to have a special treatment of the containers or elements in smaller views I suggest that you use the Hide During Breakpoint feature.

Thank you.

how do i make the containers wider? right now it looks like this, which is not good

Hey Hans,

It was mentioned previously by Christopher that:

He then gave the link to the Flexbox documentation so you understand the controls of the Header and Footer builder. Here it is again:

For the problem in mobile view where contents overlap, you need to duplicate your bars and set the duplicated bars’ Flex Layout to Column so the containers will stack. That stacked containers should be visible only in mobile using the Hide During Breakpoints feature.

Hope that helps.

Ok Thank you

What is the most optimal way to setup the mobile1 and mobile2 footer?

i need place the menus after each other like this:

This is my setup at the moment:



Hey Hans,

I’ve mentioned the solution previously;

You can additionally set the Horizontal option to Center to center elements inside the bar.

The Container and the rest of the elements have their own Flex options so you need to configure them separately. For instance, to center the Headline, you need to set the Flex Layout of the Container to Column

Again, because each element has its own Flex options, the Navigation Inline menu items will not automatically center. You need to set it up in the element.

With those examples, I hope you get the pattern now.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

How do i do this?

Hey Hans,

Please review the instructions:

You didn’t set the Container’s Flex Layout Horizontal to Center.


Thank you very much

it worked

You’re welcome, Hans.

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