How do I do single page navigation?

I want a site that is a single page not sure where to begin. When I create a section there is no ID spot

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for writing in, when you create a section please see at the bottom of the section settings panel

Or if you enable the Advance Mode

It is under the Customize tab

Assign a unique ID for each of your Sections, and then use those IDs when you setup the One Page Navigation.

Features - How To Setup One Page Navigation

Hope it helps,

I actually dont have a customize section. do I have it set up right?

the top part only has that for the header and footer section but not the content

Hey Anthony,

That’s weird. Do you mean you don’t have the Customize section both in the Easy Mode (default) and Advanced Mode? Just to give you an idea, please watch a quick demo setup below. It doesn’t have narration and it’s quite old (using old version) but it’s still applicable.

Would you also mind providing a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


Sorry for the late reply. yeah, I don’t have the section that says customize under the inspection tab. I literally have none of those options. Can I send you my info so you can log in for yourself because I have no idea what’s wrong at this point.

Thats what I have going on

hey I got it figured out I had the menu setup wrong lol. Thanks for thew help though much appreciated

No problem, you’re always welcome.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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