How do I create a one pager in pro

I have given up trying to find the answer anywhere so my question is simple: How do I create a one pager type layout for my homepage in pro? How do I create the homepage to begin with? then how do I create the different rws/sections on that one pager layout. I want header ( no I don´t need instructions on how to create a header ), then a slider or image, then a product announcement, then a call to action ( that woudl lead to an optin page probably although I am considering a pop up), then blog preview section possibly, then a bio section then the footers. I may or may not want a srevices section, a contact form not sure yet.

Hello @ngolay,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I suggest you to please take a look at following tutorial to setup one page navigation.


Never mind I have moved on to another theme. This one just isn´t worth the stress.

Hi again,

We’re sorry you were having issues, Pro is for intermediate and advance users. If you’ve just started using WordPress then X would have been the best option for you because X is good for beginners.

If you ever change your mind and start using Pro or X we would love to help you in any situation.

Thank you!

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