How do I change fonts for specific elements?

Hi, I used Theme X for my previous website, which I loved and which is the reason I bought Theme X again for my current site.

In the old Customizer, there used to be a section for Style, where I could change the font family, size, etc, for each separate element. That seems to be gone now. I can’t figure out a way to do that anymore.

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Thanks for writing in! Please review the following article (

Hope that helps.


Thanks, that helps with changing the main headings / body copy fonts. But what about changing for specific elements’ fonts, not global changes? I used to be able to do that using the Style section, which is now gone…

Actually, I figured that out. But a new question, how do I make any of those italics?


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If you are using clasic elements then you can add inline CSS by adding the code in Style text box.

For V2 elements either you can add take advantage of fonts template from X > Launch > Template > Fonts. Other option is that you can define a class and then add the CSS code in X > Launch > Options > CSS.


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Just now I saw that you have added a new reply and that you figured it out. Glad to hear that.

To have Italic font style for V2 elements, you can do that under Primary text style > Font Style > Italic.

For clasic element please add follwing inline CSS: font-style: italic;


Ah, guess that was dumb of me to miss! Thank you so much, I’m starting to like this version much more now :slight_smile:Have a happy new year!

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: Happy New Year!

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