How Do I Change Font?

This is a dumb question, but I cannot find the place to change fonts. I launched Pro and I assumed it would be under Typography, but I don’t see anything there. Can you point me in the right direction?

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You can setup font templates under Pro > Launch > Templates > Fonts. Next, in your page builder you can select the relevant template to be used.

I have created a screencast that you can take a look wherein I have shown how to set body and heading font.


Do you know how to see what type of font they used on this site?

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Yes, using Google Chrome inspect element tool you can get to know the font being used on a element. All that needs to be done is Right Click > Inspect element. Here is a screencast.

For ex, above website is using "Raleway","Open Sans","Arial",sans-serif for body.

For heading, they are using "Lato","Open Sans","Arial",sans-serif


So I went in to Pro > Launch > Templates and Fonts and added some new fonts, but when I went back over to Pro to change them, it nothing happened. Idea idea what I’m doing wrong? The main thing I want to change is the header menu font and the body font

Hello There,

All the fonts can be change in the Typography section in X > Launch > Options > Typography. If you already added the fonts in the templates section, then the font manager must have been turn off. Please check out this link to know more about the font manager:

Please try to enable/disable the font manager and see what happens. If the changes is not applying anything, maybe you have installed caching plugins. Please clear the plugin cache and test again.

If nothing works, please provide us the url of the site so that we can take a closer look.

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