How can I save a prebuilt cornerstone layout as a template?

Hi Guys,

I’m creating a site for a client, who only has an iPad. So I need to create a designed template for him that can be prepopulated using ACF. He will be using the standard post type although I would like to use full-width layout post type.
So basically, he will only ever access the backend of WordPress to create his posts, but the information he enters will be displayed in a post layout designed by me.

So I have 2 questions.

How can I force every post to be full-width?
How can I embed the layout of a predesigned cornerstone post into the single.php template in the child theme?

Hope you can help guys.


Hi There,

It’s not possible to create cornerstone templates using the ACF. But you can try with the Global Block shortcode instead:

To make the single posts full width, please add this custom CSS under Theme Options > CSS:

.single-post .x-main {
    width: 100%;
.single-post .x-sidebar {
    display: none;

If you would like to learn CSS, I am sharing few resources that you take a look to get started with CSS and an interesting tool that you can use to speed up the development process.

I recommend you to watch following video that will help you to get started with CSS.

Sometimes it can get a bit difficult to find out the right selector to be able to write the required CSS codes. A handy tool that can help you in this is Google Chrome dev tools. I am sharing the resource that you can refer to get started with dev tools.


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