How can I get a demo from X into Pro?

Specifically, the APP Demo:

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Unfortunately, you can’t get a demo from X Theme to Pro Theme as both uses different templating engine. Pro Theme does not comes with demo import function, instead it has got Design Cloud.

However, there’s a way that can be used provided one is having X Theme license. So, in X Theme users can setup and design their website by importing the demo content like App and then users have the option of converting to Pro Theme. For more information, please take a look at following article.


Thanks for the quick response. So I already have a Pro license, but not an X license. Does that mean I would need to purchase X, install X, install the demo, then upgrade my license?

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If you really want to use App demo content then that’s an option. I would also like to let you know that App demo content is based on Renew Stack and you can create the similar layout using Pro Theme header, footer and content builders without going with X Theme route. To change the stack, you need to select Renew under Pro > Theme Options > Stack.

To get started with Pro Theme, please take a look at following resources.


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