Horizontally and vertically aligned containers in footer

Hi there,

On this page https://thelanguagesherpa.com in mobile view you can see that I have two container which are currently horizontally aligned.

I would like to add a third container but I want this container to sit underneath the first two.

Do you know how I can do this?

Thank you!

Hey LS,

The easiest setup to achieve this is to add a second bar.

Having 3 containers and set the last one at the bottom above the 2 containers is a bit complex. You will need to understand Flexbox for that. See https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/using-flexbox/24851


Hi Christian,

The only thing is that I want the social icons to go over the background image I have (with the mountain and purple sky). If I make the social icons go into a separate bar, this means that it would have to have a difference background as well, wouldn’t it?

Hi There,

In that case, place all your Containers on the same Bar.

Then set your Bar to wrap children

Then set your 3rd Container’s Flex Basis to 100%

The other two containers should have the same SELF FLEX configuration so they are equal.

V2 Elements Tips & Tricks: Flexbox

Hope it helps,

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