History - Builder Loaded - Empty

Hi Guys,

I accidentally deleted some sections from an X Pro Site. When I clicked on History, Builder Loaded displayed. There is no content within


Hi Gerard,

Sorry that you’re having that issue, the Action History feature of the builder will only record the actions of the current session, once you exited or reload the builder those actions history will be gone.

Please try the Wordpress’ Revisions feature instead.

What is: Revisions

To play it safe, please save your page as a Content Template first, before doing the revision.

If revision did not work still, then there is no other way but to rebuild those accidentally deleted section.


Hi Friech,

Many thanks for clarifying the situation. I was able to recover the deleted sections through the Revisions. I did not think that would work as all of my work was created in Pro rather than in the basic WordPress Page.

Many thanks and have a good weekend,


You’re most welcome! Glad it’s recovered :slight_smile:

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