Help with custom section


I’m having difficulties making a section that looks similar to the image linked below.

How do I make a background of a section show the full width and height? And how do I make two items in one section area?


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That can be done using Global Block element.

Create block similar to the video icon content that you have in the left column.
Then insert it into the left column of the two-column section of your page.

Give padding to the left column and image background.

Then create another block with two rows and two images, then insert the block to the right column.

Hope this helps!

Ok any tips to keeping the height size uniform?


Can you provide us a link where we can see the images. This is to ensure that we can provide you with a tailored answer to your situation.

Thank you.

Hi @shamus,

The link that you shared can be viewed when we are logged in.

Please check the link again.


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