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I would like to make the bottom two boxes aligned across the bottom. In full screen please view the graphic design and training and consultancy boxes, they are uneven and I want them to align. how can i remove a bit of space from the Training and consultancy so it alines perfectly?

screen shot for clarity, when resizing it changes even worse, reason its needs to be resized is because of the video.

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Please keep in mind that column heights are dependent to the height of your contents. To make sure that you columns has the same heights, please check out this thread:

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Hi there, I managed to do it, but it removed the space between the rows on the mobile version. Please could you take a look at it for me please?

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The problem is that you added all mobile and desktop related stuff in the same section. I suggest that you separate them in separate sections. So the desktop section and the mobile section. Then use the hide during breakpoint option on the section to show one for mobile and the other one to the desktop.

After that apply the same height method only for the desktop.

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