Help getting started


Haven’t used X theme for a while now. So many new changes.

  1. What is apex?
  2. I’ve two licenses - what is Pro? Do I need to upgrade?
  3. Where / How can I start designing the websites? In the last version (before apex), you could login in and begin building the site.
  4. Why did you make it complicated for beginners like me?

Sorry, I’m not technically proficient.
Appreciate all the help!

Thanks guys!

Hi there,

  1. Apex is our Forum name. It is not a product name so you can ignore that.

  2. Pro is a separate product than X which has more additional features such as Header/Footer builders. It lacks the Demo Content import feature of the X but has the Design Cloud feature instead. You can convert to Pro from X for an additional fee if you are interested.

  3. I suggest that you read the Get Started section articles of our Knowledge Base for more information.

  4. As soon as you read the Getting started articles of the link I gave above you will see how easy it is to install, validate and use our theme.

Thank you.

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