Header visible on the slider. Ethos 3

Sorry to bother all of you again. I just wanted to know how themeco did this on ethos 3.

The header of my page is not showing on the first load of the page. What I mean is, I want to copy what I saw on ethos 3 demo content where the header is already visible on the bottom of the slider at first load of the page. Mine is not. The header will only visible when you started to scroll down. I tried a lot of options I can think of but it is not working. I’m sure you know about this. Please help.

Hey @Freund,

In your Slider Settings, scroll down until you find the Increase/Decrease Fullscreen Height (Optional) option. Insert .masthead in the field.

If that does not help, please give us WP admin access in a Secure Note.


Hey @christian_y,

It is still not working. Do I still have an option for me to do it myself?
The website I have is still not live yet. I hope that you’ll understand that I don’t want anyone to access my site for now.
There were changes happened after your assistance but the one that has appeared is the dark upper part of the header. not yet the particular information which is Home, Menu, Reviews, Contact. Hope you get my point. Still needs help.

Hi there,

Unfortunately there is nothing much we could suggest for this without seeing your site as this seems to be specific to your setup.

Let us know when you have your site uploaded online so that we could check it and give you some suggestions.

Thank you.

Hello There,

I already found out the solution with the problem. The only thing I need assistance for now is:
How can I have a responsive slider appearance in a laptop or in a personal computer.

The header is already visible on the screen of my PC but in my laptop, the header is still not visible in the bottom of the slider. I wanted a responsive slider same you have on the ethos 3 expanded demo content where the header is visible on any screen resolution. Even just on laptop or in PC will be fine. Just want to inform themeco that, I purchased X because of the great layout of ethos 3 on your expanded demo content. But what I found out after purchasing is that, you are not providing the layout I use to have.

I hope that you can help me setup this responsive slider to the extent of all your capabilities. Thanks.

Hi there,

You can use the tricks mentioned in this video tutorial regarding the responsive view:


Unfortunately, it is not possible to download the slider of the normal demo content. Only the Expandable demo content can be downloaded completely to your installation.

Thank you for your understanding.

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