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I am trying to create a header using Theme X Pro on my staging site. When I go to upload a template, or even create my own, the template on my website does not look like the picture. My links are a regular navigation inline menu. The links are close together, a different color, and I cannot get the links to spread apart. The setting is set to stretch, too.

Hi Trista,

Thank you for writing in, but sorry I am not entirely certain of your issue, are you working on localhost? Can you upload your site to a dev site so we can take a look? Please clarify what “template” you’re using and what “picture” you’re referring to.

If you cant upload to a dev site, would you mind sending us that template and picture?

Pro - Header and Footer Builder Introduction


I am working from localhost, yes.
The header template I am trying to use is the Starter: Hero. This is how it keeps appearing on my screen and I cannot get the links to move or adjust

Hi Trista,

Unfortunately, I can’t check it but looks like style related and I’m not sure what’s causing it. Is there a way you could set up a temporary online site for this setup?

For the meantime, please provide a screenshot of your browser developer console while loading that page where the issue is. Please check this about the developer console https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/console/.


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