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When I originally started using this theme I worked with the content editor. I’ve more recently been creating my header and footer. The header and footer editors give you so much more control I’m writing to ask why bother with the content editor. Also, am I missing something about the content editor?

Hello @steve,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I am bit confused my the question. However, let me try and address as per my understanding. You can use Header and Footer builders to design the layout of header and footer section. On the other hand Pro Content editor is the page layout builder that can be used to design the page layout, just like Cornerstone builder. You can select the page and click on the edit button, it will open up the builder that you can use to design and build the layout. Please refer our knowledgebase to get started:

Let me know if you still have questions, will be happy to clear your doubts.


I guess I’m looking at the level of control with the header and footer thinking I can just fill up each page with custom headers. Is that correct? Is there a reason why I wouldn’t want to create a page using a header with multiple custom bars?

Hi Steve,

Please do not overthink it. Header Builder is meant to create a custom Header. Footer Builder is meant to create a custom Footer. And Content Builder is meant to build your page content.

You do not want to create a different header/footer for each of your pages, right? Because this is what will happen if you use the header/footer builder for building the entire page.

And Content Builder has elements that are not in the Header/Footer builder.

Hope this shed some lights,

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