Header/Footer pro builder centering

I’m having some trouble figuring out why I can’t center my headers and footers. Can you take a look at them both and give some advice. I’m sure the new header/footer builder just takes some time to figure out but at the moment my footer is stuck left and and my header is all over the place. I’ve had to add some left margin to get it close to the center but it’s still off.

All this aside, I love the new pro. It’s a step up and super fun to play with.


Hi there,

I suggest that you avoid using the margins to lay things around as the Pro Header/Footer builder relies on flexbox. So you should work with those options.

I suggest that you check this video which will give you an idea:

Also, you will find great videos here:

Thank you.

Yeah, I only used those to fix the problems I was having without using margins. I know this is not how it should work but what I’m getting is strange. What I need is someone who knows this new feature well and can look to see why I’m getting what I’m getting. I’ve rebuilt these several times and things go weird after they’ve been working fine. I’d like someone to look at it all and tell me what I’m doing wrong or be able to tell me there are known issues.

Ok, we will do our best to give you hints. But first, lets talk about the header. Please check the Secure Note to see how I see your website header.

I wonder what you want to change, give us detailed information so that we can give you proper options to set.

Thank you.

Header: it’s the second nav down (starting with “Strategy”). I can’t get that centered without margins. I’ve removed the 20vw left margin from bar2/container1 so you can see what i mean.

Hi there,

I am on the website and trying to find out why this is happening and the builder preview is different from the actual front end. There must be some conflict. Do I have the permission to do changes and disable plugins and stuff?

If this is a live site I suggest you change it to a staging version then get back to us with Staging website info.

Thank you.

Go ahead. As long as I know what you did I can fix it.

Hi there,

I spent a lot of time and unfortunately could not find why this is happening on your website.

  1. Changed the Child Theme to Main Theme
  2. Changed the Permalink structure to Post Name
  3. Added a Test Page
  4. Copied the header and changed the name to X SUpport Header to test
  5. Disabled all plugins
  6. Explicitly changed the menu position to complete opposite side.

No difference in the front end. I suspect that the theme is corrupt. I suggest that you delete the Pro theme and install it again. But kindly have a backup of your website before doing so.

Thank you.

Ok, I delete the old pro theme, and reinstalled pro from a new download. Still having the same issue. Any other suggestions?

Hi There,

Please set your Navigation Inline left and right margin to auto then clear your browser’s cache before you preview the page.

Hope it helps,

That worked great! Now it’s just the footer that’s not centering. Any ideas there?

Hi There,

Sorry, I forgot your footer, but you can do the same. Set the elements left and right margin to auto.


Ok, thank you very much. As always you guys are always there to help out. Not only is this theme a great upgrade your availability to help is still unmatched. Thanks again.

Glad that we could be of a help :slight_smile:

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