Header builder definition manual

Hello -
For the ignorant developer, is there a manual (pdf document?) that describes the terms and abbreviations used for all of the various settings?

For example I have no idea what CALC PX EM and REM mean for the base font size setting. Nor do I know what all the tag indicators mean such as P, h1~6, div and span; and how to use all of these.

I need a manual or a dictionary of all these terms and indicators, for each setting, that are used throughout Pro and in the Header Builder.

I dont even know what wrap children mean? Does that mean go put a blanket around my kids??!!

Thank You - robert

Hi Robert,

Thanks for writing in!

Please understand that Pro theme is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced users only. For starters, you must have some html and css background to better understand how things work in the builder.

CALC, PX, EM and REM are units to be used in CSS.
For more details check this out:

The tag indicates the html tags.

The wrap children pertain to the flex layout of the child elements. To understand flex layout, you can check this out:

Hope this helps.

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