Header and page errors after latest update

Hi. Running wp 5.1 and latest update to Xpro. I am now getting errors on my header edit page as shown in the attached screenshots. I went through the process of deactivating all plugins (error remained). I switched to wp 2019 theme and errors went away.

Reference page url is https://mysalus.org

Thoughts? I will provide access credentials in secure note. Thank you

Hi @dsthompson,

Thanks for reaching out.

That’s not an error but shortcodes and seems fixed on 2.4.7 update. Conflict between older version of X and WP 5.1.


OK. Xpro on version 2.4.7 and wp 5.1 and still getting theses errors… Cleared cache also but errors remain.

Ideas from here?

Hi @dsthompson,

It’s fixed as per my view,

May I know which header you’re currently referring? But based on the shortcode, I guess I’m checking the correct one.

The errors are coming from formidable forms plugin, and looks like it’s related to the site’s optimization based on the echoed URL. I recommend disable your optimizations, clear the cache, and test it again. Or create a staging version of your site and test it there where optimization isn’t present.


Hi. Back looking into this and see the formidable errors. I have deactivated all plugins on my staging site https://staging.myslaus.org/ and have tinymce error with references to pro - screenshot attached. Also syntax errors referencing my tab js -which I think just appeared. js code below

//  Tab Nav

jQuery( function($){
  $( window ).on('load resize', function(){
    var pageAddress = window.location.hash;

    if ( pageAddress || pageAddress != '' ) {
      scroll_to_tab ( location.href.split("#tab-").slice(-1)[0] );

  function scroll_to_tab ( tab_id ) { 
    var tab_nav = $('#x-legacy-tab-' + tab_id + '');
    var tab_content = $('#x-legacy-panel-' + tab_id + '');
    if(tab_nav.length >=1) {
      $( tab_nav ).trigger('click');
      $('html,body').stop().animate({scrollTop: $(tab_content).offset().top - ( $('.x-navbar').height() + 50 ) },700 ,'swing');

Thoughts? Thank you.

Hi Dthom,

I was unable to access your staging website. Could you please double check?

Thank you.

Sorry, my bad. https:/mysalus.org/staging (typo)

Hello @dsthompson,

Could you please enable the plugin necessary to run the shortcodes you have added in the header? Unclosed or not rendered shortcodes may have caused this issue.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

I just reactivated the plugins used in the header only - including PeepSo, Mini Orange Social Login, Search IQ, and Uber menu. No caching is currently activated. Look on my end that errors are remaining.

Other thoughts? Than you

Hey @dsthompson,

I activated all plugins but the header’s still working.

Regretfully, the only idea I have left is that there’s something on your end that is causing the issue. Maybe a browser extension that conflicts with TinyMCE. If you have browser extensions, please deactivate all of them and test again. Also test in other browsers and incognito mode.

If this is happening in your live site, I’d recommend that if you can, restore your site from a working backup or working state of your site when Pro and WordPress wasn’t updated to their latest version yet. Once you have restored, update Pro first before you update WordPress.


OK. will do more testing and let you know results.

Thank you

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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