Having 100% Height on Column Items

Hey there,

I am having an issue trying to make these text boxes fill the entire height of the column.
I’ve tried using Flex properties with no help. Only thing that was semi-succesful was display:table-cell but it ruins some of the formatting. Height:100% is not working for some reason.

Here is the site: https://devwp.guardianbackgroundsoftware.com/
Here is a photo of the area:

Hi Nico,

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, the layout will break since the columns aren’t meant for grid setup, it’s for layout columns only. Have you tried using any grid plugins?

You can also try the margin-less column feature, it will equalize the height but again, it’s only applied to the column and not the text box itself. I recommend using grid plugins with even layout. Please check this https://www.themepunch.com/faq/masonry-grid-layout-with-even-image-heights/. And you can always create a grid with custom source. It’s not always restricted to posts or media galleries.


Hey Rad!

Damn, it seems like it’s overly complicated for something that should require some basic CSS, am I wrong? I am guessing that if I use a content element or a text element that I can manually create the HTML required with a table and manually CSS the whole table with Flex properties to get the exact heights I need, no?

The link you shared seemed to be outdated it states.

Hi Nico,

You seem to be looking at having the height of the columns equal which is currently not a feature that comes with Cornerstone.

But here are some links that contains some workaround:

Hope this helps.

Hello Jade,

I see, hopefully a request can be made to have this feature in the future, that’d be awesome.
Until then, I’ve found a custom solution.

Thank you both for your quick responses!

You’re welcome.

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