Hate New Cornerstone

I completely agree. I think the new Cornerstone is total bloatware, confusing, poorly laid out and buggy. I think you need to go back to a simpler version of Cornerstone with much simpler workflow.


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Hi There @wbc

If you only want to use Classic or V2 Elements go to the Settings page of Cornerstone (X) or the Content Builder (Pro).

Thank you


You are a few versions behind on X and Cornerstone.

Please update to the latest versions as many things have been fixed from version 5.11 to the version we are today.

Thank you!

I have updated to the latest version of CS and nothing has changed. You guys haven’t addressed the issues I brought up in the video I posted above. Why is this thing not working? Also, your suggestion of using Classic elements won’t help in this case because adding a Section is not an “element.” So whenever I add a new section, I get the new controls, which clearly don’t work and don’t see the old controls which would EASILY let me add a background image. Please help me solve this.



I can see you have updated Cornerstone but not your theme

Please note that you need to update Xtheme and Cornerstone simultaneously to avoid incompatibility issues like this.

I went ahead and update your theme then test the background and it seems to work now.


I also am having same issues with the New cornerstone, I wish I never upgraded it…What once was a very friendly user site builder (especially helpful for novices) has become over complicated…I hate it

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Hello @ocmistress,

Please let us know what issues you’re having. We’ll try our best to resolve those issues.


The evolution of XPro has been outstanding, to be frank the New Cornerstone opens the doors for some serious customization. Legacy cornerstone was limited and required a ton of custom CSS to obtain desired results Very pleased with the direction of XPro and cannot wait for future enhancements. Sure, legacy cornerstone is the typical “site builder” mentality but if you’re a dev utilizing this theme for an array of approaches - XPro and this new direction is prime.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Same here!! I could do things much faster before. Now I constantly hesitate: new (and confusing) elements or classic? That division between new and classic is in my opinion evidence of extremely poor redesign. I was enthusiastic about X theme, seriously considering changing theme.


Well, haters gonna’ hate :wink:

I love new CS and X-Pro too. These are pro-level tools, not really for WP novices. Just my 10cents

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Hi @smastrog

We are sorry to hear that.

I am personally still sticking with Classic Elements on my own layouts.

I see the huge potential of the new elements and I do use them from time to time.

The new elements still didn’t fulfill their potential, and our developers are working on the last steps to release Themeco Template Manger, which will be a new tool which will open doors to new possibilities and make the flow of the new elements even faster than the classic elements, please stay tuned and bare with us during this transition moment and I can guarantee you, you won´t regret, We have great times ahead on the horizon :slight_smile:

Regarding the “Poor Design” as we noticed some users were also upset as you sound and as we listen to you in order to create a product that fits your needs our developers have made adjustments to the builder, and if you really don’t need the V2 Elements, you don´t need even to see them.

Visit Settings page of Wp Admin > X > Cornerstone and select the elements you want to be displayed.

Thank you

About a year ago now, I had supports tickets that went unanswered for almost 3 weeks! Right when they shut down the support forums and went to email only. Since then, I’ve been rebuild all of the sites I host with ELEMENTOR and Generate Press. Simple easy solution. I look at my X Theme control panel for licenses and see 30 licenses with no sites assigned to them. Best thing I ever did. Run and run fast. Apparently it’s more important to release new features and get more sales than it is to support existing customers and builders. They also love to realize software and let the masses beta test for them for free. Terrible terrible practice. Oh, and ELEMENTOR does things that you could only dream of in X. Winner hands down! Best decision I ever made!

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@giantishere, Thanks for sharing your opinion about X theme. I understand your preference and the direction you wish to follow and implement.

We do release new features and updates, and we have to do that so we could move forward. It’s not mandatory, but the only way for other users to test it and use it is to release the updates. Users are free to use the latest features, but they have the option to stay with their current stable versions too. I personally recommend testing them first before jumping right into it, feature gaps are always present in between major versions.

Wordpress is a modular system where themes and plugins are developed by different authors, updating one plugin could introduce incompatibilities hence the only option is to update the conflicting plugin too. One mistake of updating one would require updating everything, even by just updating the Wordpress core. If you wish to stay in the stable version of your site, then make sure you stay with compatible plugins and core too. It’s a common mistake by users, plus, some users just jump into it without knowing that it may have different features and structures than the previous major version, hence, manual fixing maybe needed, and so testing.


Hi, I have pretty much stayed away from Cornerstone. I need to try it out and see what I think. I only use X-theme for 2 sites, and hate to say it but I use Divi also and their builder (divi builder). You can actually use Divi Builder in other themes.

Hey @lesliebaird,

Thanks for updating this thread and for sharing your views with the theme builder. You may try to check out Cornerstone and see how it goes. You can get to know each elements by checking it out in our knowledge base:


I agree 100%

Thank you for the feeback.

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