Hamburger Menu displaying drop down options to left - not viewable


I know the hamburger menu has been an issue for many people using XTheme, but I’ve not come across this one before. Please take a look at when on mobile the hamburger menu shows the drop down options to the left, thus they are not viewable on screen.

Can you assist in fixing this?


Hey Neil,

The Navigation Dropdown element is best used in desktop view only if you have submenus since there is no more space for the submenus to show up. You will need to either use the Navigation Collapsed or the Navigation Layered element because those elements show the submenus in a stacking manner as opposed to the Navigation Dropdown which shows submenus on the side.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for that. Can you point me in the direction of a guide to creating a Navigation Collapsed or Navigation Layered element.

Hey Neil,

I’m sorry I forgot to add them previously. Below is the documentation for the Navigation Collapsed element. We don’t yet have a doc for the Navigation Layered but it’s similar to Navigation Collapsed.

You can check more tutorials in our Knowledge Base.

Hope that helps.

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