H2 font size changed to different size in different column


I used a H2 font in a 2 column layout and the font is smaller than it is in a 1 column layout.
It’s confusing. I want all H2, or H1 etc font the same size.
What should I do?

Hi Alice,

Thanks for writing in! Please provide us with the link to your referenced page to check your issue.

Also check the following setting on your headline elements.

If you see a margin related issue, you can try following our element spacing guide here (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizations-element-spacing/211).


Hi Here is the link:

I duplicate classic headline - “Web-Based Marketing Solutions” from a 2 column to 1 column layout, and the text became much bigger. When I check the Heading level, they are both H2 looks like H3.

For the body text, the text in 2 column is bigger than the 3 column one.
I want all the text the same size. Please advice.


Hello There,

I have checked your page and I found out that you have applied responsive text for your headlines. Please be reminded that the responsive text will calculate the font size base on the space or width of the headline. Even if both your headline is using h2, the headline in a two column section will have a different font size to a headline in a single column section.

Hope this briefly explains the result of the responsive texts in your columns.

Thanks. So much to learn :slight_smile:

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