Gutenburg Full width and Wide Alignment

Hi folks,
With Gutenburg getting closer to being reality in Wordpress core, I thought I would be proactive and try out the Gutenburg plugin with an X Theme install.
I have both created new pages and converted existing pages to Gutenburg blocks, and, on the whole, all seems to be working so far for Pages created with the classic WP editor.
I’ve used the ‘Layout - Fullwidth’ template, which works ok with the Gutenburg Featured image.
One thing that isn’t currently an option is the ‘wide’ and ‘full-width’ alignment options in Gutenburg - they are just not there.
I understand that Themes have to specifically support these features.
Just wondered if you could create a template to support these Gutenburg alignment features? I’m sure there is more to it than that, but a ‘Gutenburg Fullwidth’ template would be really useful for pages and posts not created with Cornerstone, but wanting to use the Gutenburg content builder? Or if you plan to support these features in a future update soon?


Please check status report for the clarification.


Hi Paul,
Yes, I’ve already read the status report, but it doesn’t address my question at all?

Hence my question.

Hi There,

sorry for the confusion!
We are really tracking closely Gutenburg features and our future release will support the feature of Gutenburg.
The template you have pointed out it will surely be considered by our development team.


I just wanted to chime in here to let you know we are going to support this in the next release.

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