Grid view in a colum?

i’m not sure i can do this, but i want to ask you

I have a row with 2 colum, at the left side a widget and at right side widget and want to add a second widgets side by side.
Or something like a text a the left side and an image at the right.

Is this possible?

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Hi There,

Thanks for asking!

Yes, you can do this via Global Block.
Create any kind of block you want to do and insert it into the column.
Check out this Knowledgebase for more clarification

Hope this helps!


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Dear @basanta,
increddible, that is what im looking for.
A section-creator for a sections :smiley: , PERFECT

Sometimes we need to read much more the changelog or browse the package.
Thank you so much:

Kind Regards!

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

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