Grid Element versus Columns + Rows

How do I put it back to the way it was? It was working perfectly. Now it’s screwed up again because it’s showing up as squares in the MD, LG, and XL views in edit mode. Not sure why it looks ok on the frontend the way I want it, but if the views and break points make the images appear as squares, this is not what I want on all of the MD, LG, and XL views. I might as well use a template if I can’t get this to look the way I want. I know you’ll figure it out though friech. Thanks for your help.

Hi Grace,

I just checked the home page and I don’t see that issue, It could be your browser’s cache or your browser is zoomed.


Ok I will try it tomorrow and get back to you. I usually clear the cache but didn’t this time. At least I have made progress! There is a lot of good information in this topic thread. I attempt to solve problems but need some help at times.

So I don’t have to change it back to the numbers? It will reflect the actual size of the images correct in the MD, LG, + XL windows? Oh right, I saw the video. I understand that the set up in the other views will be different but I was surprised to see the squares in these views. As long as the original sized photos are showing in at least 2 views, I will be happy with that.

Regarding adjusting zoom settings in Crome browser, what if no one else knows to adjust the zoom settings?

Hi Grace,

You can bookmark this thread so you can always get back here. But please write a new thread if you have follow-up questions, as this one is getting longer and hard to follow.

Please notice the Grid Layout’s Columns Template for each of the screens. On the XL and LG the Columns Template is 1fr 1fr 1fr that is equivalent to three 1/3 columns.

But in MD the Columns template is 1fr 1fr that is equivalent to 1/2 + 1/2 columns.

I think 1fr 1fr is the best for this screen size, you just need to adjust your first image to span on the other half column.

Let the Columns Layout be 1fr on SM and XS that that is the best layout for that size.

Like clearing cache, that is only a troubleshooting suggestion, as you said you’re seeing a different layout on the page builder and on the frontend. That is not going to cause any issue to the user.