Gravity form is not showing after theme update

After I updated all plugins and the x-theme to the latest, the Gravity form does not show up on the page! I tried to switch of other plugins. It shows up again when I switch of Cornerstone… but that’s really not an option :confused:

I had to rely on a backup to fix it, so now there is several plug-ins not updated, plus x-theme. It now only work when you are logged in as admin.

I can clearly see there is some conflict when I look at the console window, thou I really don’t know how to fix this.

Our webpage is

Please can you help me with this!

Hi There @gjeldsmegler1

Thanks for writing in! I see that you’re using a caching plugin and you have enabled CSS minification. After updating your X theme, Cornerstone and other plugins, you need to purge your server cache. Also I suggest you to disable CSS and Javascript minifications as X already provides a minified version.

You also need to head over to X -> Settings and clear style cache after updating.

Make sure that you are using the latest X compatible versions by following this guide (


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