Going from pro to X

I am new and may have made a mistake in buying the pro version. I would like to basically start all over with only the x-theme.

Hello @sgrant1786,

Thanks for writing in! The only way you can get the X theme is to buy the theme in Themeforest. We may can refund Pro theme if you want. You may need to re register again since after the refund, since an account needs a license code. Anyways, if you buy the X theme first, you can simply add the license code in your licenses page (https://theme.co/apex/licenses) and then you can request for a refund. Having to do this way, will no longer require you to register again.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much! This is going to sound complicated since I’m new. I bought the X theme from Themeforest. I was asked to upgrade my X theme to pro for an extra $10. I did that. I am not sure but I’m now thinking my upgrade to Pro is not letting me use my original X license correctly but that may be a different subject. That different subject is mainly concerning the fact that when I originally installed X Theme to my website, I noticed cornerstone wasn’t included/installed and that may have led me down a dark path of unintentional license transferring and Pro installs. I may need more hands on help but I’m not sure.

Hi Sam,

Apologies for any confusion.

X and Pro are similar in a number of areas. Once converted to Pro, the original X license cannot be used because it is replaced by the Pro license. Regarding Cornerstone, it is not required in Pro because it is baked into the Pro theme. In other words, you’ll have the same page building functionality in Pro but you do not need a separate plugin to provide it.

If you need any specific help regarding the set up or use of Pro (or X for that matter) we are always on hand to help. You can also check out our knowledge base articles here: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/knowledge-base-overview/287

If after checking out the above you’re certain that you would rather use X instead of Pro, let me know and I will convert your license back to X (and refund the difference paid).


Thank you very much Matt! After looking that over, it looks like I would rather have x instead of Pro.

You’re most welcome, Sam.

When will I see the change in my account or is there some action I need to take?

Hello Sam,

We will be forwarding this thread and bump the person in charge so that the changes in your licenses page will be initiated.

Meanwhile, you can proceed and install X theme. You can download the fresh copy from ThemeForest downloads section. When you validate X theme, please use the license from ThemeForest. You may use this licenses to validate both the staging and the live site as long as you have assigned it in your license page already.

Hope this helps.

I have downloaded a fresh copy and installed it. I installed X them and X child theme. I only activated x-child theme. That is where I am now. I am not comfortable with validation because I don’t fully understand the last two sentences you wrote. I will wait until my license page is “initiated” to proceed.

Hi Sam,

Yes, you may validate it later once the license is converted back.


Thank you Rad. Can you tell me how long it would take until the license is converted back?

Hi @Sam,

It’s not possible during the weekend as Matt isn’t available, it could be Monday or the next day.


Hi Sam,

I apologise for the delay responding and thanks for your patience. I have gone ahead and converted your license back to X, and processed a refund for the difference you paid. Your original X license code will now display in your account and can be used to validate X.

Should you require anything further, the team would be happy to assist.

Thanks for using X, and have a great day.


Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

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