Global OAuth Personal Token is not working to activate the grid plugin


I have created Global OAuth Personal Token to activate the grid plugin to be able to use the skin builder. But in each time I enter the Personal Token it keeps showing “please wait…” message beside the “Save Changes” button without any progress happening.

I hope you can help me to solve this issue


Hi There,

That should not be necessary, the skin builder should work out of the box, can you confirm you are fully updated? X, Cornerstone, The Grid? If yes, please provide your admin credentials in secure note.

Thank you

Hey There,

Thank you for providing the information and I was able to log in to your site. Are you referring to this one?

You do not need to register The Grid plugin. We will be the one who will provide updates for this plugin. All of its features will work out of the box without registering the product. You will only register this if you have purchased this plugin separately from ThemeForest. To know more about how we have integrated this plugin in X and explain further how to be able to get out the most of this plugin, please check out our knowledge base:

Hope this helps.


I need to use the skin builder in The Grid plugin. And the message below is always there and I cannot register it.

Hi There,

Upon checking your website, you are a few versions behind on your theme.

Please update X to the latest version, the skin builder is available out of the box.

Thank you


Yes I missed the X theme update.

Thanks and sorry for inconvenience

No problem.
Glad we are able to help you out to resolve the issue.