Getting an error on cornerstone when trying to open my shop

When I try to load my shops page on cornerstone it gives me the following error, “A conflict on the front end of your site has prevented the preview from loading.”

I’mm trying to get my shop to look similar to this: different theme.

Is it possible with xTheme to do the sidebar ads and have a banner before the products?


Hi There,

Your shop page is not editable with Cornerstone. It is automatically generated based on your products.

If you want to create a shop page that you can edit with Cornerstone you can use WooCommerce shortcodes in a normal cornerstone page or you can create a grid using your products as a source using The Grid or Essential Grid Addons.

Hope it helps

Sorry I still feel very confused, what would be the best way to make the shop I have now look more similar to the one I posted earlier.


You need to build the page from scratch using cornerstone and woocommerce shortcodes.

You can also checkout our demos, you can load it and modify as you like