Get X instead of Pro

Hi, I purchased 2 licenses for Pro instead of X. I am a beginner and didnt realize that Pro was a lot more advanced and didnt have themes. Can I replace it for X’s licenses instead?

Hi @alvinparra,

Thanks for writing in.

Unfortunately, you can not revert you license to X theme again as part of the agreement upon converting x theme license to pro.

I could not guarantee that everything will work flaw less when you install X theme again validated with PRO license. Install again X theme via downloading X theme in your themeforest account.

For details on how to install again X theme:

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Hi Nico, you state that I can not revert from X theme again from Pro. for clarification, I never upgraded. I purchased the PRO outright, never upgraded so there is no “reverting.” I am just asking if I can get a X instead of Pro. I am not even asking for a refund now, just convert 1 Pro license to 1 X. I need 2 X’s for 2 sites. I will keep 1 Pro “just in case” i decide to use for higher design purposes.

We’re sorry but that is not possible.