Geodirectory - Custom post type

Hey, Awsome support of themeco. I am pushing my skill with dynamic content with directory .

I have multiple questions. I know how to use ACF and CPT with dynamic content. But somehow I am missing some understanding with the geo directory.

Right now : I used the layout builder for the place details, But I am not getting the process for the place details in the page will you please help me understand the dynamic code for the details .

I want to pull the place information with dynamic content.

I have used the post type Place for the dynamic builder, I got the description and name and other things but I don’t know the dynamic code to pull the place information. How can pull them dynamicaly thanks

Hey @KaziTouhid,

I’m sorry but we can’t answer or provide you with the Dynamic Content setup if we do not know how those fields were made. Please ask the author of the directory plugin how the fields were made. For example, are they Post Meta Fields or are they Post Terms.

If Post Terms, try looking those up in the Post Terms Looper Provider like shown in the screenshot below.



If Meta Custom Field, use the Query String Looper Provider then try looking for the fields in the Post Meta Custom Field list.



I believe you know this already but just a reminder, you will need to build your WP Query every time you use the Query String.

If the directory plugin uses custom MySQL tables, it’s impossible to pull them using the Dynamic Content.

Hope that helps.

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